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Home Page:

  1. Use these quick menu buttons to navigate easliy through our virtual platform
  2. View the “What’s on Now” and “Upcoming Sessions” at the click of a button

Program Page:

  1. On the program page you will be able to see all of the sessions and workshops being run throughout the 4 days
  2. Using the filters you can search for sessions via keywords, speaker or by the track
  3. You can also switch from day to day and set your agenda ahead of time

Exhibit Hall:


  1. Visit the exhibit hall to view the many features of the booth, including promotions, sessions, new products and more. Many booths include invaluable videos and documents that you can take away

  2. Filter for exhibitors based on keywords or by a certain category you are looking for

Exhibitor Booth:

  1. Once in a booth you will see the quick access buttons on the right hand side where you can
    • Chat one-on-one with the staff
    • Send an email message
    • Request a future meeting
    • Request a live video meeting
    • Take the exhibitors survey
    • View their staff
    • etc…
  2. On the bottom of their booth you will find more take aways such as 
    • New products
    • Show promotions
    • Brochures
    • Videos
    • etc…


Show Promotions:

  1. Here you can view all of the exhibitors show promotions in one place
  2. You can then also filter view keyword or category for different promotions

Networking Page:

  1. Connect & Network with your fellow collegues and attendees of the PMBA Global Conference.
  2. You can filter the list of opted in attendees, exhibitors, and speakers by keyword, location, interests, and registration type. Once you agree to connect, you are able to chat one-on-one and have email correspondence

Virtual Networking Rooms:

*NEW FOR 2021*

  1. We are using to connect during this conference for more information watch this 5 minute video on how it works.


  1. Join in on our leaderboard program where you will earn points to win prizes. The more points you accumulate the more chances of winning. Stay tuned on May 18th to learn more about how to earn these points.

Social Stream:

  1. Post on twitter during the conference using #PMBAGlobal and tag us @projectworld to be showcased on our social stream page

My Account:

  1. The my account page will be your hub for the conference. This is where you will log on to access the conference as well as to…
    • View your agenda
    • View your meeting requests
    • View your contact requests
    • View your exhibitor and attendee chats
    • Export your notes from each session
    • Update your profile information including headshot that will earn you points in the leaderboard passport program

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